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Samana, Dominican Republic, Island of Hispaņola

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The Beautiful Beaches of Samana'
the Dominican Republic



Samana Island Bed & Breakfast is located two blocks from the sea, or the Great Bay of Samana where little covered wagons [conchos] and small buses can be boarded to beautiful beaches located all along the coast of the Peninsula - the nearest being a 5-minute ride or a 15-minute walk, and the furthest being a lovely 30-minute scenic ride along the coast.





CAYACOA BEACH:  15 minute walk or 5-minute "concho" ride, from Samana Island Hostel



ANADEL BEACH / Cayeno Beach Club: 15 minute "concho" ride from town

Six other beautiful beaches are 20 minutes to one hour away by concho or public transportation. 


Among these is Rincon Beach, which is said to be one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world.



It is a scenic 20 minute-ride to the northeastern end of the Peninsula  by either bus or private chauffeuring--and then a breathtakingly beautiful 15-minute trip by boat to the beach further up the coast. 



Typical Views of the Samana Peninsula






Updated January 2016