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With Responsible Mature Sisters


Many paraents with babies and small children feel that traveling with them at a young age would not be relaxing, and since the do not want to leave them at home with someone, they often put off having a vacation until the children are older, preferring to have their children with them.


One couple with three children and sorely in need of a vacation resolved the problem this way.  They called ahead and arranged for a sister in the congregation where they would be vacationing to care for their three children every other day, still enabling the family to enjoy a vacation together, and yet giving the parents every other day to be alone together and rest.  With this was born the idea for Tropical Island Bed & Breakfast to provide a child-care service for their guests. 

OPTIONS:  Since parents vary in the kind of arrangements they would like to have, Tropical Island Bed & Breakfast offers the following options:

Available for older children: Computer, TV, DVD with nice children's DVDs/Disney songs, legos, dolls.
Sister can make arrangements & supervise horseback riding . Stroll the "malecon", go for ice-cream. etc.



Some parents might prefer to have the sister caring for their child(ren) accompany them to the beach and other places so the  family can still be together
and yet enable the parents to "go off on their own" and relax while the children play and enjoy the beach under the supervision of the sister.




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