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Rules / Regulations of Individual Airports:

It is important to know beforehand the regulations of individual airports. You will want to make sure that the Web site from which you are getting your information, is accurate. One trusted Web site that outlines the rules and restrictions commonly found in airports and aboard airplanes is  That is the Web site for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).


Arriving at airport 2½ to 3 hours in advance:

On the day that your flight leaves, it is important that you arrive on time. It is advised that you arrive at least 2½ hours in advance. Even if you get through security quicker than you imagined, the worst that will happen is that you will have to wait. If you arrive at the airport at the last minute, there is a chance - due to increased security and long waiting lines - that you could miss your flight.


There is a new law that you can be refused boarding if you arrive under 60 minutes before departure. Recently, one person arrived 59 minutes before & was not allowed to board. She had to wait until the next departing flight to the Dominican Republic! She was told by the airline that it was a new regulation that no one can board less than one hour before departure.  [one hour before priority is often given to those traveling on standby]



  1. Airports:  Flying through smaller, regional airport rather than International airports often cheaper


  2. Type of flight: Non-stop flights cost more. Connecting flights cheaper.


  3. One round trip ticket cheaper than two one way tickets


  4. How far ahead to Book flight: International flight at least one month before. Domestic flight at least 2 weeks before & No special deals one week before. Pay more. Airlines raise the price of the tickets as the time gets closer to flight departure.

    Best time/day of week to book a flight:  Most airlines begin their sales Monday evening. But if you wait until Tuesday afternoon, you will find that competing airlines will have caught on & begin running sales to try & beat their completion.  Low fare offers only last a day or two & then fares go back up.


  5. Cheapest time of day to fly:
    Between 5 pm and 9 pm or red eye flights


  6. Best days of week to Fly:
     Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturdays. Avoid Monday & Fridays;  tickets more expensive.  If your r.t. flights are scheduled to stay over a weekend, cheaper ticket.


  7. Cheapest Months to travel: 

    Nov. 1 thru March 31st.  Winter months cheaper for International flights.
    Slightly higher fares: April 1-May 31st & October +
    High season, highest rates: Mid June to mid Sept.
    Most expensive times:  Tues & Wed before Thanksgiving  Sun. & Mon. after Thanksgiving, Dec. 24.26 to Jan. lst (xmas to New Years)

    Trick: very cheap to fly on Thanksgiving! Return on a Tuesday to fly on xmas day! Return sometime after New Years


  8. Package deals:
    Often package deal for car rental & airline ticket together is cheaper as  airlines offer specials.


  9.  Internet ticketing from airline site or others will be cheaper than travel agency or by phone.

    Good to check multiple sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, Cheap Tickets, Orbitz, etc. You can do this in one flick through which will search all these third party sites & show you the cheapest flight for your destination on each one. Sometimes will be a special deal on one that is not on the others.

    Trick to get specials:

    When you visit a website you are tracked using a cookie which is a small file that the site puts on your computer.  The site uses this cookie to present different offers to you. By clearing out the cookie each visit to site, you may actually see a different special offered when you visit an airline site & ensure that companies are not keeping tabs on what you do online.  To learn how to clear cookies
    on your computer visit’s-cookies


  10. However good to check out reputable Travel Agents in your region that may have access to a special not listed online. 

    Compare their rates with airline & other internet sites! You have to ASK for “SPECIAL THEY ARE CURRENTLY OFFERING” (they will not automatically offer them to you! Will quote regular fares if you do not ask).  Ask “Do have any discount tickets from x to y ? “  [This stops them from quoting higher fares just to pad their commission]

    Recommended Travel Agents for various countries :

    American Society of Travel Agents:
    Association of British Travel Agents:
    Association of Canadian Travel Agents: |
    Australian Federation Travel Agents:
    Irish Travel Agents Association:      
    Travel Agents Association New Zealand


  11. Order / Sequence to check online:

    First: &
    Second: Check individual airline sites
    Third: Travel Agent Sites
    Last:  Call local travel agent

    Trick to get good specials:  
    Delete cookies on computer after visiting travel sites. See above info.


  12. Avoid unfair taxes with International Travel:
    Call have it removed. There is a Federal tax of 8% charged on all tickets with destinations in the United States. This tax is not applicable to international travel / travel to destinations outside the US.

    However, if a connecting flight originates in the US (i.e. to go to Dominican Republic: for example you fly from NY or Boston to Miami & then get a connecting flight there to the Dom. Rep. an 8% tax may be charged for this portion of your flight within the US.  If so, you can call and demand that this tax be removed from this leg of your trip as this law does not apply if your destination is outside the US


  13. If Price for ticket goes down after your purchase:

    Give airline a call immediately!  They will give you a refund for the difference or some will give a voucher instead. Airlines make millions of dollars on people who do not call after the price of the ticket goes down to get their refund


  14. International travel to more than one country: Round trip tickets may not be best option for international travel to or through several countries. Travelling to one region of the earth to another may be cheaper by obtaining one-way tickets. Explore different airlines for different legs of the trip.


  15. Airlines’ Family Travel Package:  Two or more persons travelling considered a “family”. Call airline ask for “Family Travel Package” –the more in your group, the better fares you can negotiate—instead of buying individual tickets.




Kayak is a travel search engine, based in the United States  & which means  it searches hundreds of travel sites from all over th the world, provides the information to you in an easy-to-use display and sends you directly to the source to make your purchase. Kayak helps you you find the perfect flight.  Kayak searches hundreds of travel websites (including online travel agency sites), you now have to search only one: Kayak, that helps you to obtrain the exact flight you want at the price you want. Once you make your choice, Kayak  links to the travel sites to make your purchase.

 What languages is it available in?  

 English (US, UK, India), French, Germany, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norweigan Spanish, Italian

How can I obtain the very lowest fares through Kayak?

Go to: several times throughout the day.   Many persons do not realise that airfares can change hour to hour by several hundreds of dollars. Therefore to get cheap fares, it may be necessary to go to several times throughout the day until a cheap fare becomes available--then snatch it!

Airport pick up:  For arrival times between 8:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. only.   (However, chauffeur will always wait for flights that are delayed, which were  scheduled earlier) Airport return:    For departure times between 11:00 a.m. & 11:00 p.m. only.  For airport pickup from Santo Domingo International Airport (SDQ), please add $50 round trip to the total of your tour.  See for location of airports. 

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