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Samana, Dominican Republic Island of Hispaņola

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Several times a month, whenever the cruise ships arrive in Samana have a wonderful time shopping and bartering at Samana's quaint little Tropical Island Flea Market.




This festive event is located in the park across the street from the sea or Gran Bahia de Samana'.  In the horizon, situated in the Great Bay of Samana' enormous cruise ships can be seen docked not far from Barcardi Island. 

Passengers from the ships as well as other visitors to Samana', who are Jehovah's witnesses have the treat of being able to meet their Dominican brothers and sisters who have little stands in the flea market  to present their beautiful colourful array of unique island souveniers, paintings, jewelry and clothing! 




Left to right:  Domingo, Laura (Domingo's wife) & Eliseo with "joyaria tipica" - jewelry typical of the
 Dominican Republic and beautiful island shirts, dresses, scarves, T-shirts and beachwear




                    Left to right: Eliseo and Domingo with beautiful array of island paintings 



   Left to right: Glenys and Susanna



Jewelry is made from the beautiful Larimar (Dominican turquoise)  & Ambar gem stones!
See The Dominican Republic is the only country in the world
where Larimar is found. Also, jewelry is made from conch (lambi)  cabochons (parts of the pink mouth of Queen conch).


For more information, please visit:,, and /  These links explain how ambar  and larimar are formed and mined, and a little of their history.  Larimar, ambar and conch make excellent gifts for friends & relatives since they are  something typical and found only in the Dominican Republic



Left to right:  Angela & Agustina. 


Jewelry made from black coral, sea shells & coconuts.  Black coral is a marine plant which develops very slowly in the seabed at the rate of 2cm every 100 years ! The Dominican Republic is one of the last places in the world where it may be freely sold.


Many of the witnesses here at the Tropical Island Flea Market are are pioneers and "needgreaters" from around the world  (serving where the need is great in the Dominican Republic), and depend upon their sales at the  Flea Market  to support themselves and their families.


Non-witness venders in the park are awe-struck as they witness the happy smiles and hugs between the local brothers and Jehovah's witenesses visiting Samana on vacation.. 


They are amazed to see such greetings of affection between persons who had never seen one another before!






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Updated January 2016