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Moringa Nutritional Supplements


Recommended by:

Elma & Iris Ramirez

Needgreaters serving in San Francisco de Macoria,
Dominican Republic - Congregation El Ciruelillo


My mother and I are Dominicans who came back after 20 years to serve where the need is great.  ...  It has been a real blessing to be here almost 8 months, we love the congregation, the preaching work and the friends.  It is different here but the territory is very productive.


Upon arriving to San Francisco de Macoris, we learned about the wonderful properties of Moringa.  Some of the friends were using the leaves for tea and taking the supplements. We started using them and loved it so much that decided to cultivate the plants and started a small  Organic Moringa plantation, we also started formulating nutritional supplements to support ourselves while we are here serving where the need is great here. 


Iris Ramirez


Scientific research confirms that Moringa is a powerhouse of nutritional value.  Gram for gram, Moringa leaves contain:

  • SEVEN times the vitamin C in oranges

  • FOUR times the Calcium in milk

  • FOUR times the vitamin A in carrots

  • TWO times the protein in milk and

  • THREE times the potassium in bananas


Moringa Nutritional Supplements have the following benefits:

  • Boosts your immune system

  • Regulates sugar levels; hence it is helpful in the fight against diabetes

  • Protects the liver & kidneys

  • Known to promote a feeling of well-being in people

  • Increases physical energy

  • Is a natural sleeping aid.

To obtain your supply of Moringa Nutritional Supplements:


Please call Iris Ramirez at 809-223-4418 or via e-mail to  We accept credit cards via PayPal


 The supplemental bottle contains 90 organic vegetable capsules.  Recommended dosage:  2 capsules per day with a meal.


 Cost U.S. $17.95 with shipping cost included to the U.S. and Dominican Republic.








Serving Jehovah with Determination Despite Disabilities
Web Page:


There are many brothers and sisters all over the world who are serving Jehovah with unbelievable determination!  They are blind, deaf, or in some cases, both blind and deaf.  Many are partially or totally paralyzed!  Others suffer from depression, emotional problems, multiple sclerosis, ALS, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson's Disease, or other degenerative diseases that make their lives MORE DIFFICULT EVERY SINGLE DAY and yet, they don't give up!


As time goes on, they often have to search for another way to preach to people when their disability or illness worsens.  Some must write letters with their toes.  Others give public talks and talks in the ministry school turning the pages of their Bibles with their tongue!  Others actually write e-mails with their nose!  All of us can be so encouraged by such determination!  Visit this site and read their encouraging experiences and life stories!





New beginnings



Helping people from all walks of life


Diane E. Lloyd, M.A., LPC


Diane E. Lloyd New Beginnings Counseling and Coaching
(336) 882-5003

I attend the Jamestown Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in High Point, North Carolina. I use my knowledge of counseling and coaching in accordance with Biblical principles. Proverbs 3:21 warns, “Safeguard practical wisdom and thinking ability”. According to several Watchtower articles a person is encouraged to scrutinize the qualifications, attitude, and reputation of the counselor (Reference 10/15/1988;3/1/1990 and 9/1/1996).






The Virtual Gathering

TVG Online News Magazine for Jehovah's Witnesses




An alternate location for those who wish to order Bible Covers Brief Cases etc.  They are not located in the United States but do ship there





Worldwide concern over the safety, availability and cost of donor blood compels Bloodless Healthcare International (BHI) to provide, a forum to investigate, discuss and report the latest techniques in blood conservation and alternatives to blood transfusion. More importantly, encourages cooperation among healthcare organizations, dedicated professionals and the general public to advance blood avoidance strategies resulting in solutions for life




Audio of JW Youths in Nazi Germany

Jehovah's Witness Holocaust Link Page (French and English)




Stoop's Catalog
Items of interest to Jehovah's Witnesses




A tour company in India--operated by Jehovah's witnesses-- specializing in tours such as tree house living in tropical rain forests, back water tour on slow moving classic house boats in Kerala, beach tours--special packages for Jehovah's witnesses who wish to tour India along with a tour of India branch.  Email:




Herbert the Entertainer

Herbert Maassen


Parkland Congregation. Spruce Grove Alberta/Canada Composed music by brother, wide variety of dance music ranging from Vienna waltyzes, polkas, samba, boogie, swing. CDs with paradise songs, etc.


I Want to be in Paradise

Peace For All

Forever Together

A Day Without Sorrow

Through the Eyes of a Child

  and many more.






Rachel Blizzard is a Group Sales Consultant for American Travel Bethel Tours in Waycross, GA.  They have been operating tours and cruises for Jehovah's WItnesses for over 40 years, specializing in tours to the U.S. and Canada Branches.  Their web site displays their tours.  Please visit their web site at





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