Samana Island Hostel
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Samana, Dominican Republic Island of Hispaņola

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Meet the Staff of Samana Island Hostel!


Marilyn Pereira
TIBB Hostess
Nilda Dishmey
Rodolfo Cruz
TIBB Chauffeur
Maintenance Man / Gardner
Cynthia Becker
Web Master
  Our Hostel Watchdogs!  Sheba & Suki  



Marilyn is the Owner as well as the Social Hostess of Samana Island Hostel and is dedicated to helping the friends feel right at home and to know what to do, where to go and how to get there and, all in all, to have a fantastic vacation!  Marilyn has been one of Jehovah's witnesses for some 52 years, 37 of which have been divided between special pioneering & regular pioneering where the need is great.

Nilda is a very loving conscientious sister who takes great pride in her work as our housekeeper.  We don't know what we would do without her!  All of our guests love Nilda! 

Jani:  is our maintenance man, gardener and chief dog bather!  He takes great pride in keeping the entire premises well cared for and repaired, the garden with its shrubs and flowers looking beautiful, as well as keeping our two "watchmen" Sheba and Suki clean and sweet-smelling!  Jani has been faithfully associated with the Samana congregation since he was a teenager, for some 20 years, & is an unbaptized publisher,  preaches with the congregation despite being totally deaf, & is not baptized because there is no elder in Samana congregation to go over  the questions with him in sign language.

Rodolfo is our chauffeur for Economy & Semi-Inclusive packages, and is loved by all!  Rodolfo is characterized by his very mild spirit & kindness in helping the brothers to have a good time...including everything from chauffeuring to playing basketball with with their children!  Rodolfo serves as an elder in the Jarabacoa congregation, as well as a pioneer with his wife, Molly-Ann. Rodolfo & Molly-Ann own & operate Jarabacoa Mountain Hostel located in the mountain village of Jarabacoa.

Cynthia  is our web master and computer guru and because of her ingenuity and creativity, TIBB has been blessed with its unusually beautiful and unique website.  We don't know what we would do without her!  Cynthia has been one of Jehovah's witnesses for 57 years and presently serves as a Kingdom publisher in the Kent Central Congregation in Kent, Washington State, USA.

Sheba & Suki, are our two "vigilantes" or watchdogs who know the difference between brothers and sisters and anyone else entering the premises!  Most of our guests who are animal lovers enjoy romping with them in the backyard!  Sheba has a son, Sammy, who has become a night watchmanin the back yard.  Sheba goes on duty evenings in the front yard.

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