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Samana, Dominican Republic Island of Hispaņola

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Location of Samana




This is the Great Bay of Samana - the town is at the top right on the bay.  The whole peninsula is made up of mountains, so you can see these in this photo. 

You are always going up and down, up and down wherever you travel.  This photo shows the entire town along the bay with mountains in the background as town is kind of like in a valley



Town of Samana


Arial view of the town of Samana

Colored buildings are a shopping mall



Typical view, el mercado

Typical houses in country (campo)



Typical town streets




Nice views of the peninsula along the town coast, and lovely views of some of the beaches!





The town is in the horizon to the top-left. 
Beach is 10-min walk from Hostel

Lovely beach!



Humpback Whale breaching



This is the town - it borders the sea photo (Great Bay of Samana) above and below further down out of town











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