Samana Island Hostel

Budget-Oriented Accommodations For Jehovah's Witnesses


Samana, Dominican Republic Island of Hispaņola

For Reservations Email:







Cancellations 60 or more days prior to reservation dates:

100% refund given by credit slip minus $150 non refundable deposit

Cancellations  31-59 days prior to reservation dates:

50% of vacation package price by credit slip


Changes in number of days after arrival:

No Refund

Cancellations for airport pickup and return

No Refund

Date changes:  31-59 days prior to arrival:

Reservation dates may be changed (if requested dates are available) for a change fee of $100 per person.


Deposits:  A non refundable deposit of $150 US per person is required for guests wishing to hold reservation dates 80 days or more before arrival.  Balance payable within 7 days.  For groups of more than 10 persons, a non refundable deposit of $200 per person is required for holding reservation dates 80 days or more before arrival.


Regardless of the reason (including medical)-- there can be NO exceptions to our refund policies.  Careful advance planning by obtaining TRAVEL INSURANCE can prevent future problems that can arise due to unforeseen occurrences and health problems.

Cancellations involve expenses and turning down other brothers who would otherwise book for dates reserved.  So there are NO exceptions to cancellation policies.  Principle involved:  CLICK HERE. (or visit )

In extreme cases such as a sudden death in the immediate family just before departure, a refund will be given within 90 DAYS.  In the case of severe medical problems, dates may be changed.

Refund policies apply not only to all Hostel accommodations, but also to Airport Pick Up and Return.

Also, refunds will not be given for  personal changes you make to your itinerary and number of days you have reserved and paid for regarding accommodations and scheduled airport pickup and return--due to last minute airline delays or changes.  For this reason, we encourage all guests to obtain travel insurance in order to cover such unexpected expenses or losses.  For this reason, we encourage all guests to obtain travel insurance in order to cover such unexpected expenses or losses.

All of the above policies are also the policies of four reputable travel agencies owned and operated by Jehovah's witnesses, in the United States and Canada who represent our Samana Island Hostel.

Whenever brothers reserve accommodations and transportation through Samana Island Hostel, these travel agencies are notified so that they know that these dates are unavailable for them to reserve accommodations & transportation with other brothers who book through them.  For this reason, there are no cash or credit slip refunds for cancellations 0-30 days prior to or after arrival and only credit slip refunds for other cancellations so payment may be used in the future.

Because time and unforeseen circumstances befall us all, and to avoid high cancellation fees, we would strongly recommend your obtaining travel insurance so that if your vacation tour is cancelled for any of the reasons outlined in the premium, you can file a claim to the insurance company and receive a refund for your vacation package/tour and airline tickets.

Please visit: or obtain travel insurance offered through your airlines.

PLEASE NOTE: Samana Island Hostel cannot assume responsibility for any claims, losses, damages, or expenses arising out of causes beyond our control such as last minute airline delays or changes affecting scheduled airport pick up, transportation strikes within the country, occasional emergency  water situations [affecting availability of hot water], town power failures now & then [which can affect  air-conditioning].  Included in this disclaimer would also be loss of internet service or internet outrage due to Dominican internet provider, [which is very seldom, but can happen],  inclement weather or "Acts of God" [legal term]], or anything else beyond our control. 


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Updated:  March 2015