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Samana, Dominican Republic Island of Hispañola

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To Samana from airport and all other parts of the country

2½ hour ride on Samana Highway shown on map below:
airport 15-minutes from beginning of Samana Highway





From SDQ Santo Domingo Airport to bus stop for Samana:
Take Taxi to Caribe bus station at beginning of Samana Highway ($25 US).
Caribe Tour buses leave from there around 4:20 pm and go directly to Samana ($12 US per person)

·       When you exit customs there is a Taxi line/dispatchers.
     Some of them speak English.
     Tell the Taxi: "Entrada de Careterra a Samana"
     [Entrance to Samana Highway]

·       Agree on the fare before getting in the cab.
     If in doubt ask someone to assist you, the folks are friendly.

·       The taxi fare is maybe $20-$25 US [$800 pesos]  to the beginning
      of the Toll Road where the Bus leaves for Samana

·       You can buy your bus ticket at the bus stop.
    The bus costs about 310 Pesos. Approx. $10=$12 US



(1)     Santo Domingo to Samana
[for arriving flights]

[from beginning of Samana highway ]

City terminal :Santo Domingo to Samana:
8 am, 10 am; 2:20 pm; & 4:00 pm 

Buses pass the Caribe Tours depot at the Toll road  for passenger pick up
about 20 minutes after leaving city terminal.


(2)     Samana to Santo Domingo
[for departing flights]

[to end of Samana highway ]

Leave Samana Arrive end of Highway Taxi to airport end/highway
8:00 am by 10:30 am 20 minutes
10:00 am by 12:30 pm 20 minutes
2:00 pm by 5:00 pm         30 minutes [traffic]






Throughout Samana, "conchos" or little covered wagons pulled by motorcycles

can be seen everywhere as the principle mode of transportation.

These are unique to Samana!  The cost of taking a concho ranges in price from $25 pesos or 60¢ US

for around town to $100 pesos or $3.00 US to go to the end of the peninsula.


$45 to $70 U.S. per day in Samana based on number of days.

To reserve a Chevrolet or Suzuki jeep for use in Samana, e-mail

Arrangements can be made in advance for jeep rentals at excellent rates near Samana Island Hostel. 
Private arrangement.  Advance notice and deposit required.



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