Samana Island Hostel

Budget-Oriented Accommodations For Jehovah's Witnesses


Samana, Dominican Republic Island of Hispaņola

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In these very uncertain times in which we live, it is not very practical to travel without insurance.  To avoid high cancellation fees, we would strongly recommend your obtaining travel insurance so that if your vacation tour is cancelled for any of the reasons outlined in the premium, you can file a claim to the insurance company and receive a refund for your vacation package/tour and airline tickets.


For information regarding travel insurance or  to have your questions answered 






Travel Insurance is non-refundable.



If you cancel for reasons other than those covered by the policy you will not be covered. Pregnancy is not considered a legitimate cause for cancellation.


To avoid high cancellation fees we strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance through an agent of your choice


When you purchased travel insurance, your confirmation information will be issued directly from the travel insurance company and all claims would be submitted directly to them.


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